Ignore Selected Solids Workaround List

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  • Hey JackieChan

    I finally posted how I've done this in the past.

    It involves coding, but no fear its a few simple cut and paste / change names style coding. This solution works like a charm for platform behavior solid filtering. R0J0hound and megatronx may like this as well.

  • Thanks R0J0hound and Ruskul!

    I added your solutions to the list. They work great!

  • Bookmarked

    Very useful until an official solution is implemented.

  • Um, what's wrong with number 2?

    If it works with physics, it works with all behaviors that use solid.

    Ooh making our own platform movement with physics, both fun and an effective use of processor resources.

  • Sure, it should be doable on desktop maybe on Ios with WKWebView.

    BTW physics works on tilemaps.

    Immovable that is....

  • Sure, it should be doable on desktop maybe on Ios with WKWebView.

    BTW physics works on tilemaps.

    Immovable that is....

    A bit heavy, though, for something that merely needs a "switch off/on reactions to solids" event

  • True, and 20 bucks is a bit much for an Angry Birds movie ticket... wait what are we talking about?

  • JackieChan

    Here's another idea for your list. Basically at the start of the layout the solid objects are duplicated to somewhere way off screen. That would be like a second collision layer where you can disable/enable the solids independent of what's on screen.

    So to use it here's the capx. Player1 is on the on screen solids and player2 is on the offscreen duplicate and a clone of player2 is positioned on-screen.

    https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/542 ... sable.capx

    You saved my day R0J0hound. In fact, you saved me a lot more than my day!

    You delivered a neat solution. It's a bit esoteric and requires more work but hey, it works. I have no problem with esoteric solutions. I can't believe that C2 does not come with more Solid options nowadays. Thanks again.

    Any Patreon?

  • Ashley's looking into it, lend your support!

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  • I added this idea to the official suggestion system and you can vote to see it in construct 3 here:


    You can even vote on it multiple times so everyone please give your energy so we don't have to use workarounds for this.

    Also, the construct 3 workaround list for this feature is here: ignore-selected-solids-workaround-list-for-construct-3_t190186

  • I'm pretty sure this must be an update or something since the last answer on this post. But I just stumbled across it and used the physics behaviour's enable/disable action. So for anybody, who is looking for the same thing

    (having physics behaviour based movement)

    Object A should collide with B

    Object B should collide with C

    but A shouldn't collide with C

    Event: "A" is on-screen Action: "A" - disable physics collision with "C"

    This object-based disabling wasn't possible back then?

    All the best,


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