IE11, Fullscreen Scaling High = Screen Flickering?

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  • I've only recently gotten back to working with Construct, and I'm seeing a problem with IE11, and the default Fullscreen Scaling set to High Quality. The entire browser window flickers pretty bad... This isn't happening in Chrome. This happens right away with a new project, since the Fullscreen Scaling is default set to High Quality.

    I've not tried Construct on another machine yet to see if it's just my machine. I'm running a first gen Surface Pro, so it has an Intel GMA.

    Anyone else have this problem?


    Update: I just noticed something after posting this... If IE11 is in EDGE MODE, this flickering is present, but if I drop down to IE10 mode the flickering goes away...

  • Does disabling WebGL in project properties fix it? It's new to IE11.

    Intel GMA have notoriously buggy drivers. Check for an update or report the issue to Microsoft.

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  • Thanks Ashley, yes, I toggled the WebGL option off and that fixed the flicker in Edge Mode. I wonder if that's an issue with IE11 or with my Intel GMA card. I'll need to try it on another system with a different graphics card to see if that happens also.

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