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  • Hello All,

    Have any of you tested your games both from IE10 on Windows 8/RT and compared it to the performance of running the game as a Windows App? I am just wondering at any performance benefits if any of running it as a Windows app. Trying to better decide if I need to optimize for IE10 or if running as a Windows App will eliminate some of the Perf hits you see from IE10 as opposed to Chrome, etc... until MS gets their HTML5/JavaScript performance figured out...

  • Well I guess this is a good case for testing out myself. Once I have built out a test case and sample project I will build it and run it on my surface RT to test it in both modes...

  • There are only relatively subtle differences between the two environments and I would expect performance differences to be negligible. Some browsing of browser benchmarks that include IE10 (browser) and Windows 8 apps confirms this.

    Actually, the IE10 performance is pretty great and the touch support is too. Check out and compare some of the demos there in various browsers.

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  • Thanks for the reply. I am definitely familiar with the perf of IE10, my main purpose was just checking if the Windows app had a any additional optimization for html5 apps. Without webGL or a Windows 8 implementation of appMobi's directCanvas to give some added performance I am trying to make sure the games perform well as Windows 8 apps and Windows phone apps without having to alter the experience too much.

    I still have my fingers crossed that there will be a Windows based option that works in IE to bring game perf and framerates up to a similar level as the above mentioned technologies.

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