IE Problem - Mouse clicks registering above mouse location

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  • Anyone else had this issue?

    In IE (all supported versions as far as I can tell), my application registers clicks about 25 px above where the mouse actually is. Meaning I have to have my mouse below a button to click on it, etc... The interface for my app is almost entirely based on mouse clicks, click and drag, etc... so this is a bit of an issue.

    Not sure if I should post a bug report or if this is a common/easily fixable issue... could not find any info searching.

    Any input is appreciated! Thanks!

  • I use IE a lot and simulate all my touch events with clicks... I have not noticed any problems.

    Maybe your collision polys are not where you think they are.

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  • Are you running the game with Full Screen in Browser set to off in the project properties? I've noticed some weird layout / layer scaling properties recently - this could be related if it is.

  • Found the issue...

    We are running the app on a Wordpress page, and the admin bar across the top of the screen was the culprit. The offset of the hitboxes on Construct was exactly the height of the admin bar. When we removed the admin bar, everything was as intended.

    Not sure why the Canvas acted that way, but at least it's working for now!

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