IE 10 now available for Windows 7 users

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  • Hello All,

    Just a note for those who target IE users with their games/apps. Microsoft has released Internet Explorer 10 for Windows 7 finally. If you are one of the devs who have to target IE users, your audience just got bigger. Internet Explorer 10

  • Does that mean people are finally able to anticipate the performance of a Windows 8 app without "upgrading" to the abomination that is Windows 8?

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  • LOL fantastic. Just installed it and restarted, loaded up IE10 - 'This page cannot be displayed - make sure the web address is correct.'

    Um well you automatically directed me to that url IE10 so it better be a valid url!

    As far as I can tell IE10 is pretty much the same as IE9 regarding HTML5 functionality. For what it DOES support though it does seem to run it pretty smoothly.

  • Wow, they still do not support SVG. I guess the enormous leap from GIF to PNG took away all of their technology points for the next 3 decades.

    They still do not even support their own hardware, on their own web browser , on their own operating system. How can anyone take the commercials about it being a gaming platform seriously?

    Thanks for the Heads up BluePhaze :), Downloading now. I will sure be glad when web developers can start using bleeding edge technology. Microsoft has held web developers back for years now.

    I gave up on web developing in the 1990's when I found out that I had to make a special webpage, just for IE users, because they can not render PNG files correctly. This was true up until just a couple of years ago.

    The biggest reason technology like HTML5 lags is because the -ssholes will not adopt anything that they can not patent and have full control over. Only recently have they been giving it any attention.

    HTML 5 could be the crushing blow to Adobe flash, but MS's obsessive lameness is giving Flash a better foothold than ever before.

    I have a feeling Gaben is going to be our next "Bill Gates" with the new steambox. Once people see that they do not have to put up with Microsoft's abuse to play games, and to use all of their hardware properly, there will be no reason to use windows. Absolutely NONE.

    I weep until the day our new supreme overlord and savior will arrive. Gaben please come rescue us!

  • To be fair, PNG for websites isn't the most efficient choice anyways.

    As far as first impressions go, JPEG is still king.

    Likewise, SVG is pretty pointless as well. Rendering every single asset in realtime takes way too much CPU time away from ingame logic.

    Adobe Flash got away with it, since they had their own proprietary rendering API which rendered SVGs much more efficient than any browser does.

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