Idle and falling animation bug

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    As you can see in the video, the character animation keep changing rapidly between idle and falling in certain area in the layout. How do i fix it?

    I'm using construct 2 version release 227(64-bit)

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  • It looks like the distance between the bottom of the collision box and the characters origin are different in the 2 animations. What is happening is, when the character lands on the ground, the bounding box changes with the animation which can cause it to overlap the ground. This pushes the character up a couple pixels which causes them to be in the air again and falling. Make sure the bounding box of your animations is se up correctly. I would also suggest that you place the origin of the character at the bottom of the image.

  • Hi, to continue from InDWreck post, I would even recommend to have the hitbox as a separated object for a more consistent and easier to manage collision, and pin the sprite to it

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