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  • Hello there! I just started learning Construct 2. I'm very excited at its ease of use so I got started right away. Going through tutorials to set up basic platformer controls I ran into a problem.

    I have an idle animation and run animation. Once I got the basic events set for the controls (left arrow / set mirrored..etc) I added a player event platform speed = 0 then set animation to the "idle" animation. Tested and all looks fine. THEN when I add platform movement/ set animation to "Run" it goes nuts. The running animation goes fine but when the character is standing still it doesn't call up the idle animation but loops what looks like the first few frames of the running animation. Has anyone run into this problem?

  • You should post it in How do I? section.

    You've got to set up platform conditions right. You can try "if platform is not moving -> play idle animation". It's all covered in templates and tutorials.

  • Also, whenever you want to ask help,. please post an example Capx file. It's a lot easier to point out the problems.

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  • wiht out a .capx its very hard to know what kind of problem you might have...

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