Ideas for a simple-to-make game?

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  • Hello.

    I'm still learning how to use Construct 2, and recently I've tried to make a game idea of my own. It's simple enough (supposedly) but I keep running into errors. This doesn't bother me so much, except that it's very discouraging when you're just trying to make your first game.

    Also, I had to create the graphics it has absolutely no visual appeal, to put it politely.

    I was wondering, what would be a good, simple game for a beginner like me to make, that can use pre-existing graphics from Construct2 or other sources?

    I just want that sense of accomplishment, and I want the experience so I can get the hang of making games, so I don't really care too much if it's original.

    If at all possible, I'd also like it to be a game that I could put some physics into, so I can learn how that works too.

    Obviously, it would be a HUGE help if some instructions could be provided on how to make said game.

    Thanks in advance for your time.


    EDIT: I just wanted to add, yes, I did go through the beginner's tutorial for C2. That was fairly helpful, but I'm looking for something that is slightly more complex now.

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  • Why you don't try to solve your errors? Post here, someone can help you!

  • The community here is patient and helpful--I suggest consulting the help threads and asking lots of questions. We don't bite :)

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