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  • i think scirra forum need a video section and all of users post any video that can help us , for example videos for flash cs5 in making animations or photoshop in making a background or making intro from 3d max or anything...

    also scirra youtube channel should improve alot better , i wish all scirra users who uploading videos in thier channels to post it in video section so that scirra offical channel will put it in thier channel (playlist from scirra users)... also the competition that will come soon ( as i remember) will be in playlist in scirra channel like this ^^

    also this section will be for asking and answering about videos for example i have saw a video in youtube about making player with bone tool in flash cs5 and the bone tool is too complex for me so i ask scirra forum for another way to animate or to help me to understand it like this... also for tips and tricks ^^

    i wish this happen ^^

    <font size="1">(video section will be under construct2 general topic)</font>

  • Scirra's forum is about Construct Classic and Construct2. There's already an "Open" section for "out of topic" subjects.

    If you need informations, tutorials or how to's about other technologies/softwares, go make a search on google, look for forums about those softwares. I don't think scirra's forum is the right place for such informations.

    I agree though that videos of games or related to construct should be added to scirra's playlist on youtube.

    On the other hand, apparently noone/not enough persons with such a video took the time to give them a notice.

    So here it is, if someone has a youtube video construct related post about it in the forum or send a message to scirra's youtube channel. They'll be happy to hear about it, possibly add it to their playlist and possibly promote it.

    I don't think an entirely new section is required for those videos, and if you look at construct-classic part of the forum, videos of games are all stored in a sticky thread.

    One such thread could be made in C2's part too, but so far, few people posted videos about their games, as HTML5 makes it quicker to play the game rather than see a video about it.

    And videos about how to use C2, you can see them in the tutorial part. Sure it's not clearly indicated before you check the tutorial itself, but when you're looking for informations, aren't you looking through them anyway ? If no, then you should.

    One last note: I'm not talking on Scirra's behalf, just giving my own opinion there.

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  • Kyatric

    its just an idea also when i jioned construct i didn't know any thing even i didn't know what sprite mean, i tried to find it out till i know what is it, also there is alot of words in games that should be explained as this is a game making forum.

  • Construct 2 manual ?

    Edit: Also the usage of photoshop has little to see with "Game making".

    It's a tool to perform some operations/ressources on the path of game making.

    Photoshop is not the only tool available (gimp,, sai, graphicgale deluxe, etc...) and being a complete software with its vocabulary, workflow, tips and habits, etc... once again it goes far beyond the scope of this forum.

    There are already tons of documentation (and in multi-languages as opposed to scirra being english only at the moment) nothing that could be written on scirra on that subject could surpass what's already out there.

    Searching for documentation is one of the skills required in game making, practicing is the best way to train it.

    The internet is wide, don't be scared to explore it, most of the time it doesn't bite.

    If you're just coming to this one site waiting to be spoon-fed informations, you're already doing it wrong.

  • Kyatric

    i don't know what to say about all that , you are right in everything..i guess i got pwned , anyway that idea just for newer devolopers i knew most of the things now but in the beginning i was confused i didn't know where to start and i don't want starters to be like me ^^ anyway i agree with you,

    thanks for replying ^^

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