Ideas to monetize HTML5 Games

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  • Some people manage to buy games off of a personal website. I have no clue how they do it.

  • Here is a hint:

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    Gamers don't like it when the game is overly monetized; they want to enjoy the game for their buck and tend to resent when they are being constantly pressured or reminded of payment options.

    Some games took the monetization too far, to the point where gamers simply turned away from them in disgust.

    It's like those annoying telemarketers, you know. Phone rings, answer it after dashing out of bathroom only to find out that they're offering you a great deal for tupperware. The doorbell rings, rush there and see a suit guy with wide grin and a brand new SuperDuperUltraVacuumBeast that supposedly vacuums whole rooms in a matter of seconds. If you buy one, you get a free set of magic brooms, too, hand signed by J.K.Rowling!

    Well, I exagerrated a bit, but you get the idea. Don't force players, don't overdo - just let them enjoy the game. If they do enjoy it, they'll come back for more. <img src="smileys/smiley2.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

    Yes, you are absolutely right because the games from 2009-2012 were sucked because i had no favorite games on these years.

    I only care about the standards from 90's which games were masterpieces.

    I'm sure the people will love innovative games.

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  • maybe add comrcial use for free version on some appStore. money goes only (or proportional) to scirra developers, until it stay enough to buy standart version :).

  • App Stores like APK and IPA can be cracked...

    I tought HTML with cloud computing is better for security countermeasures, including offline mode.

  • When it comes to your typical exe style pc game, getting on steam can make a huge a difference. It is just too large of an audience to ignore. Some games like super meat boy would not have seen close to its current level of success without it. If someone is really focused on getting on steam, wouldn't building a version on Construct Classic be more suited?

    But for an html5 game, I'm not quite sure. its a different beast.

    I'm sure an html5 based game wrapped up will get on there eventually. Its more about quality than how it was made. Valve is a smart enough company to know when its time to really start pushing streaming games through steam. When that happens, getting on steam could be very helpful.

    For now i'd be more concerned and focused on facebook or mobile markets with c2.

  • I don't think cracking and piracy is something indie developers should worry too much about. Some basic protection should be in place to make a difference between 'demo' and 'full' version, but the mentality of whole market is quite friendly in lack of better word. :)

    To make a really rough generalization; people that pirate games are kind of people that probably would not buy it in the first place so you are not really losing any customers.

    Humble Bundles are a good example of this, there are donation ran projects, kickstarters.. They are all pretty much based on people being kind and honest. Lately even big publishers have been toning down their DRM's.

  • Good games with cheap prices like $1-5 without DRM may forget the piracy, i wonder why i saw their presences, so you need to know there no honesty on the Internet.

  • the plain and simple fact of it is piracy isnt goin anywhere. If ppl can get somethin for free then lots of ppl WILL just cause they can. Just like has been mentioned most of the ppl that will pirate a game have no intention of ever payin for it to begin with so you didnt lose any money from them.

    The main thing to focus on if you wanna make money in any aspect not just games is

    • Produce quality products
    • Provide fantastic custom service and clear ways to reach that service
    • Make your products accessible. Dont bog em down with stuff they dont need like DRM.

    If someones gonna buy your game theyre gonna buy it. You dont really have to sell gamers on games. Provide a quality game and if its worth buyin ppl will.

    None of us here are gonna get rich or become the next Zynga because of 1 game regardless of the options to monetize it so dont put so much thought into it. Focus on makin a great game first then think about how your gonna make money off it

  • Focus on makin a great game first then think about how your gonna make money off it

    This is a misnomer. Of course you have to have a good game but you have to integrate the monitzation into the design. Even good games that you sell have a different design the freemuim games.

  • If you're interested in monetizing (and if you're reading this, I guess you are) you need to have a look at this topic.

  • If you're interested in monetizing (and if you're reading this, I guess you are) you need to have a look at this topic.

    Interesing article! so i believed native apps when are going to be pirated and games in market is not permanent because they can go off after of a or some years depends from the sales, it's painful BUT i believe the power of HTML5 with PHP.

    Bottom Feeders is really acceptable for stand alone indie developers, i'm sure i will be one of them

  • Personally sponsorship is the best way to go. However there is one glaring problem. Most of the sponsors are set up for flash and not HTML 5. This is slowly changing but I feel it might be another few years before they come around.

    The biggest reasons publishers don't want to do HTML 5 is multiple files and IP protection. I would love to have armor games as a sponsor but they list these reasons for not supporting HTML 5.

    It would be awesome to have an SWF exporter in the mean time. I know Scirra is not interested in this and I know that making and SWF exporter would be really hard so Im not asking for it.

  • Flash is not a standard industry, you know why iDevices do not support flash.

    If they don't sponsor HTML5 that's fine but im sure they will sponsor HTML5 apps in 2014.

    Otherwise, you should to put ads and make in-app payments for bonus and special features liek upgrades.

  • ^^ Of course flash isn't standard. But most of the Free to play sites run on flash and require flash. Personally, I wouldn't release a game without going through some kind of publisher. IGP + sponsorship will make you the most money. So it would be best to play by their rules.

    On another note what you could do is make the game in C2 then go on elance and get somebody to make the exact game in flash if you are in a hurry.

  • There a better Flash exporter in Multimedia Fusion 2, it has almost smiliar to CC Interface but more or less. But not cheap for 2 licenses like MMF2 and Flash Exporter, i got both licenses because i participated with my friend for Newgrounds xmas game contest with Games Factory.

    About Stencyl, well $ 149 per year, it's complicated what you keep paying for years while you develop flash games. Also there will have another exporters like HTML5, Android and Native Apps, but with Java runtime meh.

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