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  • I've been using a massive amount of Construct 2 full version lately and I just thought I'd noticed some potentitally good ideas to help the users work-flow.

    Simple Suggestions:-

    sprites can move towards the location touched x,y position and angle (it doesn't seem to be easy to do this when using the 'touch feature'

    drag and drop re-organising of events in a simpler fashion (especially sub-events) and if events are dragged, then so must their related actions and sub-events be

    Less Simple Suggestions:-

    a way to convert textbox into jpeg quickly when exporting for phones so that it causes less fuss using numbers for phone games

    when saving to HTML 5 save everything to the one HTML document so it is easier for uploading as a webpage (or maybe I just don't know how to do this correctly?)

    the ability to use actions that open up the drawing dialogues and tools for the player (so they can draw on the set layer (maybe it could be used for games where players can design their sprites own t-shirt, etc?)

    users of Scirra uploading to the arcade may optionally purchase the ability to upload larger files?

  • I'd say for your first one, a perfectly easy solution would be to have an invisible dummy sprite that is placed to where ever your touch event takes place (ie, set position to touch position) and then have an event that moves your character toward that sprite unless it is touching it.

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  • Yeah re-organising events/groups isn't quite there yet, for instance you can't drag a group/event to the bottom of a list within a group without it becoming a subevent, so you have to drag it to the 2nd last event then move the last event above the 2nd last.

    Inserting could be more efficient too. I made a topic about it but it was ignored so I'll state it here again:

    <img src="" border="0" />

    When using this awesome right click menu in the event sheet (by clicking to the side of the sheet), if you insert an event/group it will put it at the bottom of the sheet instead of placing it closest to the mouse position ? which would improve efficiency significantly, since its the best right click menu.

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