Ideas for creating a game that can be modded

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  • So I've been working with C2 for a few years now, and I've come to the point where I want to make some really interesting stuff that's based a lot on mods that the community around my game would make.

    The way I see it, since it's for PC only, I would go around in the game's folder (I'm already making a saved folder with a save file in the User's folder/Saved Games) so I'd go around there and look for other folders inside my game's folder. Then I'd go through them and try to read the files in it.

    Now comes the tricky part, since those files, as much as I can think of, would only alter things in a minor way, and I'd have to pre-implement that, like, if my there's a file named Background_Level_1.jpg in a folder there, my game would load that image as a background for the level 1.

    I could go so far as to implement a primitive syntax, so if a file named say... Spell_01_Code would have written inside it something like "spell 01 damage = 100", the game would increase the damage of Spell 01 to 100.

    What are your thoughts on this?

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  • what are you asking help on exactly?

    replacing the .jpg? or editing the _code file? or both? im confused sorry

  • I'm mostly asking for other's thoughts on how one could create a modable game (with a system similar to Skyrim for example).

    I have a rough idea of what could work as I've explained above and I'm looking forward for other people's implementation suggestions

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