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  • Hey everyone, i was thinking why construct 2 doesnt have this feature, where we can create just simple vector like structures and fill it with a texture so

    we can create easy platforms for games? creating a single sprite for every structure would be very bad for the file's weight and game perfomance. so why dont we have a vector like tool that let us draw a shape and then insert a texture inside?

    look at the angry birds terrain as example

  • As Im relatively new to C2 I could be wrong, but isnt that simply masking applied to a tiling background?

    Shapes are imported and masked to be visible where there is intersection with the tiling sprite.

  • You could do it with a layer. Set it's property "force own texture" to true, then place all your obsticle objects on it to build up the terrain. They just need to be a solid color and you build up a complex terrain by placing a bunch of simpler shapes. Then to finish it off add your tiledbg to the layer, make sure it's the top object in the layer and set it's blend mode to "source in".

  • Would be great to have this feature.

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  • the problem here is that if we use sprites for that it will ruin the game perfomance, having a vector like tool that can create shapes like this inside the engine will be better.

  • We have plugs that will do that now.

    They have the same issues a vector type object would.

    It doesn't work well for both canvas, and webgl.

    Which means the sprite solution would probably run best.

    The only thing that might work better is a tilemap almost at the size of a pixel.

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