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  • I think the event would be small for a first run. Even if people would fly over/travel for something more significant, I don't think we can jump in to some kind of convention-size event right away because of the organisational effort involved, and possibly risk (we don't know if this type of event works yet).

    Also only 16 yes votes so far, and I guess about half of those would be busy/unavailable for any particular date we pick... so it could be pretty small! Still, got to start somewhere, and maybe we can figure out a way to grow it. Running it during Eurogamer sounds like a good idea too (26-29 sept) and if we arrange something I'll try to put it together with several week's notice so everyone can book themselves.

    Not sure a live stream would work for a simple pub meet, since people would just be milling around talking to random people I guess, not much to watch. However if we arranged some demos or talks maybe that would be interesting to others?

    Setting up a meetup forum is a nice idea, I'll see if we can put something together.

  • Ashley, sounds good!

    We've already booked our tickets for Eurogamer (29th). So would be great if that date works for others too! But if not, we can always make an extra trip :)

  • I think we would tune in to a stream if it was just a chug cam. (putting people in front of it and making them chug their beer.)

    Or maybe like a reality show, a confession cam, where people go off and talk about the other people who came in private. Heh heh.

  • Indeed, if it is a small event with few people, I guess a stream is overdoing it and probably some photos will be more than enough (and possibly be able to put a face on some avatars, which is always fun imo).

    Having the event in "conjunction" with a bigger event like Eurogamer expo sounds like a good idea.

  • I doubt a pub will be a conducive environment to host a stream from. First, you'd need to find a pub that'd be ok with it. Then you'd have to consider the other pubgoers. It's frankly more hassle than it's worth, if you ask me.

    Keeping it small and informal is a good idea. Doesn't have to be a one-off thing either. Could be every once in a while.

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  • I love the idea but I did vote no, because I think it could be more productive to try it a little different. Maybe spread it out over two concepts. First set up a video chat for licensed users and one for unlicensed users. Set the time to 30-60 minutes. During which you could get to know your licensed users and what types of games they make the most. This could help steer the direction for future updates. The unlicensed video chat could be a great way to learn why the users are unlicensed. Is C2 missing something and that's why a majority aren't users? That could be a great concept to add in the near future. Is it price prohibitive? Maybe some sort of reseller program which offers a paid license after x number of resells. You get the idea for part 1. My suggestion for part two incorporates the education part.

    Find a local high school near your headquarters and offer them a free school license with once a week class time with someone from your office. In return get the ok to video the group as the complete the class final. This would give you knowledge of how user friendly the software is for schools, give you video footage to compile into a marketing video for other schools, not to mention introducing the program to young people which in itself can pay off in potential future sales. :)

    So again, love the idea but I would expand it. That's why I voted no.

  • pretty idea, but I was on the other side of the earth <img src="smileys/smiley17.gif" border="0" align="middle" /> Wish you have a pleasant meeting.

  • Oh, so cool idea!

    I hope this will be a frequent event. And I hope that one day I will join you.

    (Odessa is so far away)

  • I wish I could but being from Brazil (and a college student =P) makes it 110% impossible for me to attend xD

  • I've just seen this thread and will naturally be in attendance :)

  • I live in Reading so I'm definitely interested!

    The idea of a C2 gamejam with Scirra is intoxicating, though being a British student I'm also more than up for the other kind of intoxication!

  • Would attend!

  • Too far ,

    Maybe we could organise a meetup of C2 devs for each big city ?

  • I'd most likely attend if I can at the time :P It's not too far for me! =]

  • So I've gone ahead and set up a meetup:

    If you're able to attend then sign up and RSVP!

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