I'd like to make a game!<--DUH!

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  • Hello! It is nice to meet you all!

    I am a martian, named Michael!

    I was wondering if you guys could help me a little..this..planet is foreign to me!


    Making video games is something I've dreamed of

    I have absolutely no experience with making video games

    I'm thinking of making an undeniable story, but I know the retention time of sum people is like a goldfish(READ ABOUT IT LOL)

    So im making it a 2d action rpg with an undeniable amazing goofy funny zerky story

    Where should one start?

    Thank you to all who respond, and do not <3

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  • Start small, make small prototypes, recreate simple games in Construct, build up your mastery, get familiar with how it all works, check out the manual, search the forums when you need help, make something.

    It's fantastic to dream big, but realize that you don't get to the top without climbing there, you'll probably fail a lot on your journey but that's good for learning, be passionate and optimistic, work hard everyday.

  • And check out the "8 Direction" behavior.

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