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  • I would love to see a glossary / dictionary of terms used in construct on this site. All inclusive, and alphabetized. I think it would benefit a bunch of folks. Also the "How do I" section is OK with all the links, but the time it takes to read through every forum post on a thread to find a specific answer is very frustrating.

    I'm not really asking Ash or Tom to do it, but perhaps we can set up one collectively.

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  • Val

    Can you give us some examples of what terms you think should be in a glossary?

    Which are specific to C2 and which are general gaming/computing terms?

  • Velojet

    I think it should encompass just about every term within construct, as well as other programming terms that may have similar meanings yet different translations. When I do a site search for something, say like "boolean", a site search currently links to every thread with the word "boolean" in it. I would like quicker access to a what it ACTUALLY means and what it does. It would also be cool if these dictionary topics could contain links where users may wish to post a link to capx showing how the term can be used. Yes there may be various descriptions throughout the website, but not everyone has the time to go on a wild goose chase.

  • Did you try a new "manual search"?

    Tom recently updated manual section and adds search - searching only in the manual, and after testing it out I must say it works quite well.

  • Maybe you could create a topic entitled 'Glossary' and it could be a group effort to build one. Not sure if that would work, but it's a thought!

  • aindovin

    That is what I was hoping for, but I'm not really sure how to keep it all on one page, like the "how do I" section is layed out.

  • Well, maybe go to the proper Forum topic area.

    I would maybe start it in 'Construct 2 General'

    (go to link below)

    Then click the 'New Topic' button in the upper left.

    It's right to the left of 'Show Topics' dropdown box.

    There might be a better place to put it, but that's my first guess.

    (Now going to back to try to find the pirate princess...grrrr)

  • You know, give the Topic Title 'Glossary' and say something like

    "Hi all! I would like to start a game glossary. Maybe everyone could contribute to those who have questions on what words mean here.

    Here are some I have questions on...." etc

  • I can start a topic and thread, but how do you make it editable by everyone? So everything can be within one post.

  • I don't think you can do that. Maybe you can compile the responses and keep editing the original thread?

    I'm sure someone could offer better ideas.

  • Threads cannot be edited by everyone, but I think tutorials can. Perhaps start one of those instead, with a thread linking to it.

  • Arima,

    That sounds awesome. Now I know its possible.

  • That sounds great!

  • For the record, words like "boolean" aren't specific to Construct 2, and are actually in the dictionary with pretty good definitions ("of or pertaining to a data type having two possible values representing �true� or �false.�"). But I agree a glossary which brings all this together would be useful.

  • Thanks for the input Ash!

    That was why I thought it would be nice to include a word like boolean. We get people with some programming background, and probably many who tried programming and gave up. So if they look for something in Construct that functions like a boolean, then they can find the Construct 2 equivalent.

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