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  • I was just wondering if Construct 2 would implement some sort of object management during events when asked to chose an object. For example, when wanting to pin an object to a second object, I have a huge list of about 60 sprites, to scroll through. Is it possible to make the object choosing interface similar to that of the expression interface where the objects are placed in their respective folders? The same could also be said for adding/editing families.

  • I think the non-free version has this feature.

  • A benefit of the licensed version is you can organise objects in to folders.

  • Yes Thats does...But currently there seems to be no way to organize objects that exist within layers in the LAYERS TAB ...Much Like Photoshop lets you organize layers..with folder groups....You can organize in the Project tree ..with folders but unless I am missing something HUGE and you can do this....An ability to have folder groups in the LAYERS Tab would be AWESOME...With all of the retained functionality of Visibility & layer locking toggle Btns..It would really assist for people making LARGE projects...I have several hundreds of objects in my projects ..many all on a layout at a single time...sorting in the layers Tab is difficult at best especially when you have many Objects overlapping each other....I mean I guess I could dumb down my projects ...but then you wouldn't enjoy the end product as much..?

  • Are you not dedicating specific layers to specific things and then naming them like "background" "ui" etc?

  • I agree with mystazsea - that would be very useful. When I have dozens of objects on one layer, many of them overlapping each other, it's a real pain to try and select one. I'd love an expandable layers palette like photoshop where I can hide and lock individual objects or folders of objects, and not be limited to hiding/locking the entire layer. Even with multiple things on multiple layers, as soon as my project gets reasonably complicated I start wishing for this feature.

  • I am using the licensed version. What I'm referring to isn't the folders, it's the object selection when the dialog box appears for selection of objects. The selection does not organize the objects into the folders that the objects are in whereas the expression dialog box does.

  • msv0001 - it does, I added it in an update a while ago... unless you're looking somewhere else. What exactly are you looking at?

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  • This is what I meant:

  • Yes I have the same complain as msv0001 has. I think it would be nice to have folder structure in that dialog as well. I'm using the licensed version and I can image that object list will go huge...

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