How HTML5 instant games could disrupt the app stores in 2017

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The internet is bombarded daily with new apps (app is the short term for application)
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    It seens this year HTML5 games will be great. This instant games thing looks very very promissing. Maybe we are too worried about mobile exporting, while we already have platforms when HTML5 games can shine.

    I hope that Scirra offers good support for it.

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  • That's promising indeed. I think Ashley is aware of Instant Games, and I hope we can expect support for those as well.

  • Make an apk that opens a website in the same window.


    But yeah seriously we should all be gearing up to use it this way, and get rid of the apk mess completely.

    Then start beating Ios over the head do it the same way.

  • Yup and that is what I am trying to do setting up my arcade so people can pick a game and play instantly and score and level will be saved to their own Browser.

    If Scirra would get busy and get their arcade server fixed and get their load screens to show a picture of the game preferably as an animated gif instead of their huge -ss advertisement then arcade websites like mine can host those games and promote them to our visitors.

    That is the direction Scirra needs to go instead of worrying about porting to consoles and mobile apps that I do not see as the future of gaming.

    People are getting leery of downloading apps that collect info and may charge kids for stuff they don't want.

    Hey Tom & Ashley have you read this article and can we do this?

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