More than just the HTML5 exporter?

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  • Hello, out of curiosity is it possible to add more exporters than the standard HTML5 one? I ask because of the existence of the exporters folder in the installation directory. This seems to me like it was intended to be a feature, but was never expanded into one because of the ever increasing support for web technologies. Has anyone looked into this and/or experimented a little? I would be very interested if this is something that could be extended.

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  • Good question. Never have thought about this. I'm interessted in this, too

  • Well there's this thing called C3.

    Im pretty sure that cancels out any plans for further C2 development.

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  • Scirra is sticking to their plans on Construct 2 and Construct 3: All exporters will be HTML5 + wrapper based for the long-term ahead.

    There was talk very early in the development of Construct 2 for other exporters way back when it was starting (which is why HTML5 is in a folder called "exporters" in your Construct 2 folder), but that was cancelled equally long ago.

  • As far as I know, C2 is designed for exporting Javascript only. Also all plugins/behaviors are written in Javascript. Javascript is a highly dynamic language, means that for example a variable can take a number or a string at runtime. This isn't possible in language like C or C++. In this languages a variable is bound at compile time to a distinct type like string, float, integer ....

    So it's very hard to translate Javascript to C or C++ , the other way around is possible.

    So if you want other exporters you have to rewrite Construct.

  • The way it looks is that the exporter system was originally designed to be modular, but just so happened to end up that we only get one, admittedly very robust, module. I think I'm correct in saying that the entire run-time is included in the exporter; it is not unimaginable to create another exporter which recreates this run-time in a different environment. This would be a large undertaking and I'm not expecting anyone to actually do it. Although the option to have community sourced exporters could be a great benefit.

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