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  • I am not sure if this is the correct forum but i am having a problem exporting a project to html5 when i check the game in preview mode everything works as i want it to but when i export it and run the index.html it seems like more than half the events are not working. It should be as simple as just exporting and running right? am i missing any extra step?

  • Are you able to upload it to a public place so we can take a look at it?

  • I do not want to post the capx unless i really have to because of the amount of custom artwork and the concept i plan to market. I could email or pm you personally if you would accept that.

  • If you could upload it to a temporary URL and then email me at with the URL, and/or send me the capx as well. I suspect there is a problem with how it's been uploaded which is why a URL would probably be most useful!

  • I had this same problem too. I posted like 2 weeks ago. It never happened while I run the index.html from MY computer directly, this happened while previewing and when I uploaded it to my own server. Then I uploaded it to Dropbox and it worked fine. It's really odd, I really do want to use my own server...

  • Tom: the email is sent.

    Vamp: it does the same thing locally and on dropbox also on another private ftp but in preview it works fine.

  • Vamp: it does the same thing locally and on dropbox also on another private ftp but in preview it works fine.

    Yeah, the problem it's quite peculiar and it sounds very similar to mine. I wonder what it is. I found it very odd events just strop working.

  • Does it work if you disable 'minify script'?

    Are you using any third party plugins?

    Some third party plugins are written wrong and break when passed through the minifier.

  • Wow Ashley your the best, i did not try to disable minify script, i just did and exported and now its working great, so what could cause the problem with the minify script option? also no third party plug ins

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  • Glad you got it sorted 3DGS!

  • thank you for your help also tom! Is this a reported bug with minify script though? or did i do something wrong?

  • It's not your fault - games should never show as a blank screen. We'll try and get this sorted. I guess you can get by without minifying for now.

  • Yes i can and thank you both for your help! Also just for your record it was not a blank screen all the animations and sprites were there, just the events were not working correctly.

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