HTML5, everything is slow? Or just graphics?

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  • haven't messed with c2 much yet. Curious though, about html5 being much slower than exe's as everyone says. Is that mainly the case when graphics are involved?

    Or if I had some cpu intensive numbercrunching going on that would be much slower as well? If it matters, the number crunching would be going on in a plugin, not in events

  • Try it in IE9. Rock solid 60fps pretty much no matter what's going on. Most browsers are compiling Javascript to machine code and can reach speeds close to C++. Browsers are also heading towards hardware-accelerated canvases - IE9 is the first to do it really well, and uses the GPU for all rendering. It doesn't really matter what programming language you use to send draw commands to the GPU (whether its C++ or Javascript) - it's always going to be blazingly fast so long as you offload all the work to the graphics card.

    I think Firefox 5 might now be a lot better too, but I'm on an old laptop and the troubleshooting page says it's blacklisted my driver! Give it a shot, it's supposed to be using hardware-accelerated Direct2D (the 2D version of DirectX for Vista and up).

    So shortly nothing will be slow in HTML5 - people just get the impression from old browsers which aren't optimised yet.

  • IE9's canvas performance isn't quite as good as a native EXE's, but I thought it would be better than that. Can you send me both the CC and C2 projects you tested with and I'll investigate? I'm still confident good performance is possible in HTML5.

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  • Hi, Ashley, i'm creating(actually converting) a simple game that i have to html5 with Construct2 to see how it gos, and i was wondering if u guys in scirra team can tell if there is any best practice guide concerning performance, or if theres is some things i can do to improve performance in my game using the engine(any possible upgrade related for a close future? :))

    i'd appreciate any possible help. By the way, the events sheet its a awesome visual creator. \o/ Congrats


  • This is an old thread, FYI browsers have become much faster since it was posted.

    There are some performance tips in the manual:

  • Thanks :)

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