HTML5 / C2 games on iPad 3 ?

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  • Anyone in here getting iPad 3 ?

    How is the performance of HTML5 (or C2) games on it ?

    Does iPad 3 browser (Safari) support webgl already ? <img src="smileys/smiley4.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

    I wish i have enough cash to get one <img src="smileys/smiley5.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

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  • I tried one in an apple store - I forgot to try the ipad 2 as well, but from memory of trying it before, the new ipad's performance seemed to be reletively close to the same for HTML5.

    One weird thing I noticed though - the game I tried looked upscaled, even though it shouldn't have been. I then read somewhere on the web that the ipad 3 reports its resolution as 1024x768 for backwards compatibility reasons, even though it's actually higher than that. I'm guessing C2's runtime is getting confused by that.

    Can anyone confirm this by making a test game with a text object that displays windowwidth and windowheight and trying it on an ipad 3?

  • It will run about 4 times faster with upscaling since it's only rendering a quarter of the screen area then stretching it up - it might not be so bad that it does that.

  • I personally like testing on old computers I find that if I test on new computers I get "greedy".

  • For the moment, and for what I saw on blogs about the media queries, the iPad3 report a "virtual resolution" of 1024x768. No WebgL for UIWebView for the moment, though...

  • Sometimes i just don't understand how it works,

    isn't Apple suppose to be the most proponent when it comes to using HTML5 (instead of Flash).

    But yet, here we are, it's been 2 years already (since the whole Flash crusades thingie) and their browser still not supporting WebGL yet ?

    I wonder why <img src="smileys/smiley5.gif" border="0" align="middle">,

    is it because security / stability concern ?

    Or because they don't want developer competing with their AppStore by making webapp (skipping their 30% cut & $99 subscription) ?

    btw Interesting article about enabling WebGL on iOS:

  • Potato: WebGL is going to be available for regulard web views in the close future, because it's already available for iAds (which are nothing more than glorified UIWebView).

    It's fun to notice that everybody liked to bash Flash, and realize now that it can do lot of things that are not possible without it for the moment <img src="smileys/smiley1.gif" border="0" align="middle" />.

    However, Apple knows that if they allow WebGL on regular WebView, everybody is going to use it, abuse it (heck, I can even envision some GPGPU with it using shaders), and it's going to give bad user experience, and drain the battery fast. And if there's something Apple value more than every other technical consideration for their smarphone, it's the "public perception". They prefer to cripple some functionnalities but have the public thinks "hey, it's cool and shiny".

    And about the 30% cut, believe me, every time a coder is skipping the AppStore and putting is webapp on the net directly without Apple AppStore involvment, they are happy and gain money ! (if they could, they would shut the store and drive everybody on the web - the AppStore is subsidized by Apple to sell hardware. That's what Apple is : a hardware company).

  • I think Apple want to at least delay HTML5 apps from competing with native apps, since the features and performance of native apps is probably a little better. But it shouldn't be a big difference so it's annoying they're being slow with it.

    If you hack the web view to enable WebGL, Apple will most likely reject the app.

  • Hey All;

    I just bought an iPad 3 and I am waiting for it to be delivered (damn back order lol) Anyway I was in the Apple store to play around with the new iPad and I pointed the browser to my game, and from what I saw it ran somewhat decent, and almost at full speed, When I get my device I am going to be testing it further, using my own HTML5 iOS wrapper. So I will let you guys know what my findings are.

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