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  • I've tried cocoonjs and get good performance mixed with a lot of jank (around 10-63 FPS). I've tried crosswalk and get a TERRIBLE frame rate (7 FPS). What I've had the best performance with is the HTML5 APK Builder ( I've been getting 25-40 FPS but it runs much more smoothly than the other options I've tried. I'm having a few issues with it and wanted to start a place where people could share experiences and info. I also have a few questions about it. I've heard people talk about screen orientation lock issues with crosswalk, I'm also experiencing them with the APK Builder. How can one go about setting and locking the orientation? I also am having a slight audio lag and music isn't playing at all. Can I fix these? If so, how?

  • You could try , but don't expect miracles, you will not get constant 60fps.

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  • I've tried as well. I find that it behaves about the same as cocoonJS.

  • Sorry, no luck then

    You should try to optimize your game and test it on more devices.

  • I'm mostly wanting to hear from people who have or are using the HTML5 APK Builder. To recap, my questions are:

    1. How do you lock orientation in the crosswalk/xdk environment?

    2. How do I deal with the audio lag and get my music files to play?

    3. I get this notice when I launch the APK, how do I get rid of it -

    Thanks to anyone who can help.

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