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  • What do they mean when they say html5 doesnt spread virally like flash?

  • Probably nothing, because that sentence is nonsense.

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  • Thanks because i was wondering what it meant.

  • Pretty sure it's to do with the fact that flash games come in a single .swf file, whereas html5 games are multiple files/folders which makes it harder for someone to put the game onto other sites.

  • That would seem to be an invalid reason, as that is how websites works too, I think it may be that older flash websites did not adapt themselves to that, but as far as I know, some do support html5 games (newgrounds, or kongregate for exemples), also nothing prevents the files to be packed inside a zip if ine file is the issue. and for the end user, there is virtually no differences as it is a game inside a rectangle in the browser.

    However publishers seem to think html5 is only good for mobile content (...they don't care for it on desktop since they have flash, they got it the wrong way it seems but whatever), that may be why people prefer to go for flash.

    Also define who is "they", as far as I saw, nobody said that around me.

  • Aphrodite the html5 compatibility it is not an issue, no website no matter how was built, now is automatically working with html5 content also, since doesn't depend about their scripts or HTML code but the browser you are surfing, and most browsers this days are html5 compatible.

    as an example i can build a website purely in flash but then embed a html5 game into it, it will work, as long as you do it manually, but im guessing most of the website owners they dont want to do the dirty work, so they just want to click and upload.

    by not having a fast integration for the websites, the sentence above can make a bit sense, but then the meaning of the sentence is a totally brain fart, since it doesn't matter in what frame u build your game, but how you marketing it and how you can improve the spread ratio of the content!

  • Thanks guys im just waiting for them to start wanting html5 for desktop like they do flash.

  • Thanks guys im just waiting for them to start wanting html5 for desktop like they do flash.

    maybe you already waited too long, sadly, sales on html5 licenses are going back since beginning of 2014, you can read about that on or other html5 dev forums.

  • Yea its just fgl because now most developers flood sponsers with emails this is also true for flash in one page armorgames stated they just started selling more offsite.

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