When to html 5, you have to upload to a server to see the page, why ? Why can't it be local ?

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  • What exactly is construct 2 doing that NEED it to be uploaded for it to be viewable ?

    I type HTML code all the time and I don't see no need to "upload to a server" to view it unless I use offline CDN links and libraries.

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  • It’s loading images and sounds.

    I’ve written html5 projects from scratch and there are things the browser won’t let you do when just opening your html file in the browser when on your computer.

    Basically it didn’t want to load my sounds and the console gave an error.

    Basically the solution is to create a local host and run the html file though that. It’s a one liner with python. Then the files were able to load.

  • Thanks for telling me that you have creating html 5 projects from scratch.

    I use CreateJS and Babylon.js to do massive html 5 projects that isn't game based so I am not exactly "stupid" if that is what you are implying.

    And I can play sound in createJS JUST FINE without needing to upload to a server/proxy server.

    No I still DON'T see the point of construct 2 needing to be uploaded to a server or proxy server just to be viewable, it STILL doesn't make sense.

    What is it that construct 2 need that required a server situation ?

  • You needn’t look for offense where none was meant. I was merely mentioning that I ended up having to use local host independent of Construct. So my thought is that construct probably uses it for similar reasons.

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