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  • I don't really get why my game on dropbox works with the pc browser but not with the ipad one (google chrome) it's just a black screen

  • Well The Only Thing To Say Is The IPad Cant Handle The Game Or The Browser Cant Handle The Game... Try Safari Not Chrome....

  • All browsers on Ios are made out of Safari, so they are pretty much the same. Apple doesn't allow competition on its products.

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  • Nah, its for what CraftedDeveloper said. Its obviously the ipad.

    Honestly I like their products, their policies... not so much.

  • Not 100% sure, but I remember I had this when I had the free version and exported to html.

    With the Personal License I exported to Phonegap and I had no problems.

    Do you have the latest beta?

    How does the Live Preview look like?

  • It's not about exporting in a wrapper.

    It's about showing the game in browser. On ipad.

    Like if it was blocked by the ipad. I can't play html games on html sites neither.

    But i can play at .gears games from his website though. Is it in html?

  • Ah yes, sorry. I remember now. Had the same, couldn't even open the index.html on my Mac.

    In the index.html it says:

    [quote:19w0m3hx]<!-- Note: running this exported project from disk may not work exactly like preview, since browsers block some features on the file:// protocol. Once you've uploaded it to a server, it should work OK. -->

    That's why I embedded it in Phonegap and could preview it on the iPad Simulator.

    I could also preview it on my iPad through the Live-Preview. Check the tutorials for this and don't forget to add the ports. I had to config port-forwarding to be able to see it on my iPad through my Mac through VMWare Fusion 6.

    Works nice now.

    (If this doesn't help than I cannot help you anymore )

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