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  • Hi guys,

    I know this may seem a little odd but here is an HTML 5 to flash converter. The only reason I bring this up is that you if you want to sell your game to mindjolt or any other site like that you have to have a flash game. I have personally run into some problems where some sites like this do not accept HTML 5 games at the moment. I know that HTML 5 is the future but right now the infrastructure is set up around flash. Even Unity3D is coming out with a flash export.

    So I found this nifty little site that converts HTML 5 to flash

    Personally this is a great solution if you want to make flash games right now. Let's try out our games and see if we can make this service work for C2.

  • Interesting, even though it doesn't work with my game.

    Did someone succeed in using this tool?

  • Nice find mammoth. It didn't work for me either. Maybe it's because my game has minified script. I will try it with a non-minified script later when I have more time to play with it.

  • Hmm interesting, Im away from my studio today. But I will try it when I get back. I think that this could really take out the leg work fro Scirra. Im not sure what the problem is or how it works. It might not work with the way C2 is set up. EIther way it would be awesome to get this up and running at least until the infrastructure is is set up for HTML 5

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  • Expected topic:

    hay skirra could u plz let us make flash games kthxbai

    Actual topic:


  • Does this just wrap the HTML5 game in a browser window inside Flash? IIRC Flash doesn't have a full browser, just the WebKit layout engine, so at best it'll work real slow...

  • I suppose that's what it does. Ah well, we didn't get C2 to make Flash games anyway.

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