HP dv7-6c23cl w/Radeon HD 6620g won't open project

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  • I have a HP Pavilionn dv7-6c23cl 64 bit notebook with 16gigs Ram and AMD Radeon HD 6620g graphics. I'm running windows 8 64bit.

    Installed Construct2-r119 choosing auto os detect, then again choosing 64 bit os.

    I also attempted to update the video driver by 1st) using the driver update in device driver manager. 2) I also attempted to download a later driver from Amd. 3) I eventually got a driver from HP that appears older, installed that. Same problem.

    The install runs fine, but when I start C2 it runs and displays the start screen. It's when I file->new or file->load a project that c2 hangs.

    FYI I installed c2 on a Samsung tablet running win8pro. Seems to work OK on that. I can create a new project and load existing. It's not my choice for development though.

    Any ideas?

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  • which project are you trying to open... projects are not backguard compatible, if that was made with version 120 it won't open.

    there is a post somewhere in the forums about modifying the files to be opened in previous versions.

    Also if that project (caproj, capx) uses a third party plugin that you don't have installed, it wont open either

  • We have this problem a lot, and it's *always* the graphics card driver crashing. There's nothing we can do to fix it from C2; it's your graphics card manufacturers fault. If the very latest drivers don't work, try the beta drivers - if they don't work, you need to take the problem to the manufacturer.

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