howler.js audio library?

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        Defaults to Web Audio API

        Falls back to HTML5 Audio

        Supports multiple file formats to support all browsers

        Automatic caching for Web Audio API

        Implements cache pool for HTML5 Audio

        Per-sound and global mute/unmute and volume control

        Playback of multiple sounds at the same time

        Easy sound sprite definition and playback

        Fade in/out sounds

        Methods can be chained

        Uses no outside libraries, just pure Javascript

        Lightweight, 5kb filesize

    I wonder if Construct 2 could make an use of this library?

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  • Our engine already does most the things on that list, and those it doesn't are already planned. Generally we prefer to avoid using third party libraries and write our own version, especially if they're small (this one's only 5k), so we don't get hosed if the library author disappears/breaks it/doesn't want to maintain it.

  • Well, it appears to be open source, so you could at least get some ideas and possibly more efficient methods there.

  • Hi, The current C2 audio does not work at all on Android, neither android browser nor chrome on android. Sounds dont play at all, clip, or happen late. Music wont play etc. Colleagues have got audio working perfectly on android using howler. I guess we are going to have to try and get howler integrated with C2, as sound on android is a requirement, unfortunately. It has to be HTML5 - apps are not an option. Anyone already working on this?

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