[How to] Node Webkit for Linux and Mac (2015)

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    > > AlexFrancois what makes you think webGL doesn't work on OSX? In all my testing it works fine, as it should.

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    > From my understanding webGL support was only added in os 10.10, I'm testing on 10.7 and no effects are rendered.


    I am using a mac for my primary testing environment and can confirm pretty much all webgl effects have been working for me over 2 years now.

    Turns out it was gpu blacklisting on the 2009 macbook I'm testing on, thanks for the help. Hopefully I can have the mac version up on Steam by Wednesday!

  • On steam there's a place to add flags for launch time (in your steamworks dashboard) i cant really give more detail than that cuz the nda, but search for Launch Options in the docs and you'll see a place / how to add!

  • I got a reply on the nwjs issue post.

    [quote:1wqbwkd7]Okay, I ran the test.

    There's a TON of images that are being loaded, and they're probably going to stay loaded even when not in use.

    And since there's so many images, it's using up a ton of memory.

    Just a guess, though.

    Unfortunately, this is a problem with Construct 2 loading too much.

    Which can't be fixed without telling the Construct 2 developers to stop loading images in advance, and to unload images if they haven't been in use for a while.

    So basically, there's nothing that can be done short of patching the output from Construct 2.

    But the way it's laid out, you'd need to make a patcher program to do it, because every time the game is rebuilt it will need to be repatched, and as resources are added the line numbers will change.

    Also, remember that the patch has to remove resources that aren't in use, or everything will just fail once enough stuff has loaded(as in, when someone is at a certain point through the game)

    I'm 95% sure this is bollocks as C2 definitely should load images on a layout-by-layout basis. Or is that only for VRAM, and it loads all the images into RAM first as well? I think I don't have total understanding here as if images are loaded purely layout-by-layout, than this build should have loaded nothing at all, which is clearly not the case.

    Ashley what are your thoughts on this?

    Ugh, I'm getting really sick of these constant struggles to get desktop export working

  • I replied to the bug report. If it works in Chrome but not in NW.js it's clearly an issue with NW.js.

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  • Thanks Ashley. Hopefully this can get sorted out :/

  • Hi all, sorry to bump this thread, but I need some urgent help.

    I'm pretty sure that in the past I've been able to get the game running on mac using 10.5. However today after exporting, to my horror, I have again hit the 'red loading bar' bug. I changed to 'toolbar: true' to see what was throwing the error, but the app crashes, not as soon as the console opens, but as soon as I click the little error icon. It also crashes if I click the 'resources' tab.

    I've checked, and there are no fully transparent png's. I've also included file-descriptor-limit<10000>.

    It's really important that I get this fixed quickly. If anyone has any idea what's going on, please let me know.



  • I had the exact same problem again a few days ago. I got lucky this way, I hope this can be helpful:

    • export the game on PC.
    • Don't touch anything, anything, before making a .rar of it.
    • Uncompress and do the greenworks, steam lib, package modifications, ignore gpu blacklist etc... on a Mac, not on the PC.
    • Compress in rar again, then decompress and upload on Steam from the PC.

    I don't know if it is related to a macOS update, but it's like any modification on the PC corrupts all the files permissions now : /

  • sqiddster

    ^This post.

  • Hi

    Myself and Sapphire Dragon on these forums have been building a game called Eternal Step, it was green lite a while back and we are getting close to release.

    I cant post links but free free to Google are company or the game name to find info about it.

    our studio is called OMWG ( once more with gusto)

    However we have hit a wall with Linux and Mac really but at the moment we are trying to get Linux to work.

    The game is a big game well of 2000 items with all the animations and sprite sheets.

    We have run into the issue where it wont load sometimes.

    we found out if we show the tool bar within the Linux version of the game and refresh it from within it. It then loads first time.

    however if you open it, it will go red loading bar until you open the tool bar and refresh it.

    we are out of options on this, has anyone actually managed to get it working correctly every time on Linux

    I'm a little annoyed at Node Web kit and Construct for not trying to fix this and its making creating large games very hard using this engine, if they are going to not load.

    any help would be amazing.

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