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  • Hello, I'm french so sorry if I don't speak very well. I downloaded Construct two days ago and I've a problem, could you help me please ?

    I would like host my games in the Internet, as it is done in I would like that people are not forced to download my game in order to play it.

    I hope that I was understandable, please help me ! <img src="smileys/smiley1.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

  • Hi darknoo, all you need to do is upload all the exported files to a server.

    If you don't have a server, try signing up for Dropbox and putting it in a public folder!

  • Thank you for your answer. <img src="smileys/smiley1.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

    I tried Dropbox, but when I see the file with Dropbox, this is a white screen (the file is OK without Dropbox). Have you an explanation ?

  • Do you have a URL we can look at of your attempt of uploading your game? It should be easy to spot what you have done.

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    That's the private link. You need to give the public link.

    Don't mean to hijack this thread, but I just tried with the demo game on Firefox 5 and I get a white screen.

    Here's the link if anyone is willing to try:


  • I've a true game when I try your link.

    Me too, it is Okay ! ( if you're interested by my game.. not very good)

  • zenox98, it works in some browsers but not others. I think it's related to a bug I've fixed for the next build.

  • zenox98, it works in some browsers but not others. I think it's related to a bug I've fixed for the next build.

    Thanks Ashley.


  • Sorry to bump this old thread, but I have the same question.. for some reason dropbox didn't work for me, so I was wondering if are there any other free servers just so I can try my game and show some friends?

    If not, maybe a cheap server?


    edit: also, I'm a real noob when talking about servers and stuff, what do I have to look in a host to be able to host Construct 2's games? HTML5? Java? PHP?

  • Any server that you can upload a html file to would be fine. Every web server would be capable of doing this.

    Once you've exported your project, all you'd need to do is to upload that folder to the web server, and then it should just run.

    Also have you figured out why dropbox wasn't working? If you follow the tutorial to the letter there's no reason it won't work.

  • I guess since this was resurrected I can post my problem here.

    The other day, I made a post stating that my project, once uploaded to my server, it won't work properly. The project works perfectly in C2 and when exported and run from my computer. But once I upload it to my server, the project loads... but it behaves erratically, and songs do not play. This project is intended as a library of my future game's OST... music files are OGG Vorbis. Folders and files name are completely untouched. I just drop the folder in the server the way it was exported by C2... The errors range from, music not playing to the actual events just stop working. I have no idea what it could be.

  • If it's a Linux server check your folder chmod settings. Set to 777. If Windows server set to (M).

    If that doesn't help, I'll think up something else.

  • Dropbox should work fine - just make sure all the files are uploaded in the same folders, in the public folder, and it should work OK. Link us to your game on Dropbox if it's not working and maybe we can see what's gone wrong.

    Another new alternative is you can try publishing to the Chrome web store - if it's under 10mb you can make a Packaged App which is hosted on the Chrome Web Store itself.

    , can you also link to the uploaded project so we can take a look?

    Here are some tips to make sure it's working:

    1) Press Ctrl+Shift+J in most browsers (F12 in IE) and check the Console for any error messages. You might get something like "GET soundeffect.ogg failed", which means the file soundeffect.ogg is probably missing.

    2) Make sure your server is set up to serve the following MIME types:

    .ogg - audio/ogg

    .m4a - audio/mp4

    .appcache - text/cache-manifest

    By default servers do not serve files with extensions they don't recognise. So if your server is not set up right, you'll get 404 Not Found even if you directly visit the URL of one of the .ogg or .m4a files you uploaded. (Visiting the URL directly is actually a good way to test this.) This would explain why no audio plays after uploading.

    Please always link us to the project you've uploaded if you're having trouble though - we can poke around and test these things ourselves, but we're stuck guessing if you don't give us the URL.

  • I'm going to try it with Dropbox now, you said I'd have to put every file in the same folder, do you mean that literally or do I still have to create a sub-folder "images" for the sprites?

    edit- nevermind, I created the sub-folder "images" and it worked. I feel so dumb, I've had dropbox since 2009 and I never knew that to make the files public I had to put them in the "public" folder, I always searched for that "Copy public link" option and never found it.. <img src="smileys/smiley18.gif" border="0" align="middle" />


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