Horrible Framerate with NW.js Export

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  • Hello all, bought Construct 2 back in 2012.... tried using it got frustrated with performance issues even in the simplest of games on desktop so I left. Decided to give it another shot now that it's been 6 years I figure all those issues should be solved by NOW right? Well apparently not. Running into the following issue right out of the box 5 minutes into trying the program after 6 years:

    1. I do a fresh install of Construct 2 on Windows 10 64-bit.

    2. I open up the Ghost Shooter demo and do a preview in Construct - it opens the game in Firefox and it runs smooth as butter at a solid 60 FPS. Looks good.

    3. I export the game as it is with no changes of any kind to an HTML5 website. I try opening the exported game in Firefox and Chrome - again, smooth as butter 60 FPS. Great!

    4. I try exporting via the NW.js module. Run into the errors requiring the extra NWJS addon and JAVA to be installed. No big deal, I manage to install both and finally get the game to export properly.

    5. I run both the 64 and 32 bit version that exported I can barely even get 20 FPS in the game whether full screen or windowed. And to top it off I see an error along the top of the game saying "WebGL not available". An error that is not present when I run the game in Chrome or Firefox.

    Spent 15 minutes trying to find a solution on the forum, google..etc. and came up with nothing...

    Exporting for desktop is a requirement for any game developer. It's extremely frustrating to have run into such a crippling issue 2 minutes after installing the program. I'm reminded exactly why I gave up on this program years ago.

    Does anyone have a simple solution to this that I'm missing? Or is this still the big issue with Construct that everyone likes to pretend doesn't exist still?


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  • A HAH.... perhaps this is an issue with the latest version of the node webkit.

    I uninstalled the .29 version and got the .28 version from here: scirra.com/nwjs and the exports seems to work MUCH better. Web GL seems to be working too.

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