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  • Hi Everyone

    So after looking at C2, comparing it and reading the reviews and their claims for creating games for Android, Amazon, etc. I was excited, extremely excited. I invested money if some Construct 2 courses, learned with the free software and sure enough I created two educational apps with the use of the tutorials I bought.

    Now it was decision time. I wanted to export these games to Android and Amazon, where I have about 20+ simple, basic apps created in Eclipse using Java. After investing $199 into C2, I was excited to get started but then the problems began. Take into consideration, setting up Eclipse and Java takes some learning.

    For some reason, when I click on the layouts, the program keeps closing. This did not happen previously and I did nothing except for buy the license. Then you have to setup the process to view the app on your mobile device, which is not that bad but takes a while.

    This is great, but after all that you find out what a mission it is to export to Amazon and to Android. This is not design once and play anywhere. It is design once and learn how third party applications frustrate the living hell out of you.

    You have to do different things for each platform your intend to export to, making it a mission to deal with tutorials that look like sh!t and with Crooswalk I can almost guarantee that any new comer will stare at a blank screen. Cocoonjs works but only they know how to add Admob to the application. You literally read a tutorial on Scirra and have to go elsewhere where there is even less information. Experts might disagree but as a beginner it is hard. Don't get your hopes up.

    I am crushed, because this is nothing like I imaged it to be. It looks so great on the home page, platform, easy , monetize .... but the reality is that with later research, I see that Gamesalad and Game Maker looks like much, much better options because the do the heavy lifting for you. I think Scirra should remove the claims to export to other platforms and say, we develop game ,making software (and finish there). If you really want to move ahead as a company I suggest you follow other examples who do the heavy lifting for people like me who are not experts in the field. yes I am willing to learn but give me definitive step by step guides that don't assume I know a lot. Heck I will even pay for it. Videos!!!! These work best, start using them.

    But if you want to make any claims of being able to export to other platforms you should take accountability for it when you advertise it. If you can develop such an amazing piece of software then you must be able to think up solutions to what so many are facing. Follow the examples of Game Maker and Game Salad.

    I am so disappointing in this that I cannot even begin to express my frustration after spending so many hours to learn how to develop a C2 game and purchasing the tutorials etc.

    As I am writing this, there seems to be a problems with cocoonjs which causes the apps to crash, so that has nothing to do with C@ but now you tell me how long will you have to wait for a fix from another party. If you're just using C2 for android e.g. that renders the software kind of useless when compared to Eclipse, where you learn and you are in control of whatever you do. No Cocoon this and Cross walk that. I am very sorry but this proof to have been a complete waste of my precious time.

  • As a beginner making games for mobiles is hard. So take your time to learn it. There's a good tutorial series coming from ArcadeEd that covers all the stuff you need.

    Otherwise its a matter of searching for the tutorials and asking on the forum for help.

    Mobiles have been a 2nd priority for C2 for a long time but its come to a point where its great for desktop and its time for the focus to shift to mobiles, which it has.

  • If it helps, I just created a course on Udemy to help with this. The main focus of this course is getting ads working with CocoonJS. The course goes into how to setup MoPub, and then how to link admob to mopub. Finally how it compile it all with the cocoonJS compiler. See link below.

    It's a tedious process for the first few times, but once you get the hang of it, it won't seem so bad.

    I understand you have already invested money into tutorials and what not, so I am not going for a cash grab here. I created the course to help the many like you, but obviously it takes a lot of time to make a course like this.

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  • Hi ArcadEd

    Thank you both for the replies. Since I posted, I've been trying my ass off and I feel like throwing my PC in the pool.

    The course Mobile Monetization JCS, does it basically take me from beginning to end, walking you through step by step? I saw it now and it looks like it could help but just want to make double sure because I'm desperate. If it will help me I will definitely buy the course. I just want make my little app work on Android and Amazon with my little adds, is that so much to ask. Thanks again.

  • Yes, it takes you through step by step. If you use this link you get save 10 bucks too.

    https://www.udemy.com/construct-2-mobil ... e=C2Forums

    You can see some of the things the beta testers said about it here.


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