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  • I would devour an entire planet full of unicorns for a UID indexer, something like how object() parentheses takes IID, using brackets would refer to the UID, so you'd have object[UID] and object(IID).

    This would save me so many times where I've saved off a certain UID during runtime, and in another expression (which has already done a pick operation on the same object type but a different instance) I suddenly need to get one of the saved_UID object's inner values like speed, velocity vectors, etc. Right now I have to setup lots of { reset pick, pick object uid, save object's vector to local variable } subevents.

    -- cacotigon

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  • It's on the todo list! Can't say when we'll get to it though, we have a very long todo list!

  • Woot! Say goodbye to really long nested pick / reset clusters!

    By the way, speaking of feature lists, have you guys ever considered implementing something along the lines of a voting system? For example, Scirra would show a long list of potential features on the website, and every paid user is allocated X points (for example three), to which they can spend on any of those features. At the end, the features that are more important to the users would float up to the top. At any time, a user is free to deallocate one of his points, and put it in something else, or even put all three points in a single feature that they really want. Whenever a feature is implemented, all of the points that users had allocated are given back to them.

  • Sounds like an idea! perhaps it could be tied to the rep system.

    Although, obviously, Scirra should have the final word on what the most important features to add would be.

    So like a sort of glorified poll I suppose..

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