Ho Do You Debug This (Win 8 App)

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  • Hi fellow constructors.

    Recently one of our apps on Windows Store FlapFleet Challenge has been reviewed by the Store Team, and they say the mouse cursor is not always present for navigation controls.

    The problem is that in preview, when testing in VS, and the app itself when downloaded from the store do not have any problems our end.

    So how do we fix that? Where do we start?

    The app on the store was created with release R185 which had the UTF-8 problem when building the app (easy to get around), but aside from that all works fine our end as note above.

    Ashley, I completely understand your capx requirement in bug reports now! Is it possible there could be other issues with that build (R185) that may only surface on certain systems.

    DUTOIT, I understand from the various forum topics that you publish to Windows Store, have you had any issues like this\ any suggestions.

    thehen, your cursor plugin is the only third-party plugin I use (thanks!). In all our tests it works as expected do you have any suggestions. I could take it out and see if it solves the issue. But again from our tests it all works fine.

    Any suggestions\feed back would be much appreciated.

  • I didn't think you need a cursor plugin. I thought C2 lets you use a sprite for the cursor.

    Not at a computer to check. But if so, you could remove that and have one less thing that could go wrong.

    My only other thoughts are perhaps the cursor sprite is getting destroyed.

    You can always throw in a condition to check if the cursor sprite exists. If not, make a new one.

    Also have a check to see if it is visible. If not, make it visible.

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  • Tylermon thanks for the reply.

    Yeah sprite for cursor doesn't work in IE (win8 apps), hence using thehen cursor plugin. The problem is that it works on all our test machines as described in OP, so hoping for some light from Ashley as well.

    It could even be MS not having updated drivers on test machine or something too, but how do tell them to update!

    I think we will try updating it using the current version of C2, and hope it is a bug or something, and if that fails update without the plugin .Really would like to nail down exactly what it is before that though, but bit hard when it all works our end.

    I've just fired of another email to MS to ask them to check if the problem exists their end in both Win8 and win8.1 releases of the app. But again it works our end on both counts there as well....

  • I've no idea, I've never heard of this before. I thought the only way the cursor would disappear is if you deliberately hid it with the Mouse object.

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