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  • Alright so this is the idea,

    You can set a hit box for the entire animation then go in and change the animation points.

    But the problem is when you have 30 frames for that animation and you have to keep adjusting that hit box to fit the character because the character moves.

    The character body doesn't change even though it moves so it will always be a square or w/e have you but you have to click each one of the hit box points and then move them to the correct spot.

    My idea is to be able to copy the hit box points and paste them into another frame as actively selected as the same shape so that all you would have to do is move the box into place. I think this would greatly cut down on the amount of effort someone would have to do to create a hit box that works for them. It might be simple, but simple might be all you need.


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  • You can already do this. Just right click and "Apply to whole animation" or "all animations". Or in the frames bar use "Copy previous frame poly".

  • Ashley - a good option would be "Apply automatically detected collision box to all frames".

    I personally used automatic detection (and then handmade fixing) but i can't just one click to apply the auto generation on all frames, i have to click on every frame to generate it. And yes i could generate on first one and use apply to all frames, but all frames are different and 1st and 10th frame will have not even close same collision polygon, therefore i would have more hand work then if it was applied normally.

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