How highscores work with Kongregate?

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  • Just a quick question. At the moment, I use webstorage to store a player's high score, and this works well.

    However, for when I want to integrate with Kongregate, I doubt that webstorage will work. The plugin doesn't seem like it supports this and there is nothing in the manual about it...

    Thanks, sqiddster

    EDIT: I suppose we set our statistic to 'max type' or something? This means we would have to be able to GET values from kongregate if we wanted, for instance, a 'highscore' variable in our game, e.g. if we wanted to apply an action if the player beats their high score.

    So, I suppose the question ends up being "can/should I use webstorage in combination with Kongregate?"

  • Bump - received no reply.

    Adding to the topic: If webstorage is used, then a user on a different browser or a different PC would not have their highscores saved: a big problem if Kongregate statistics are tied to login details.

    So, I need to know if we can retrieve statistics for a user. If not, does Kongregate's API work well enough that we do not even need highscore feedback in our game? If it alerts the user to a new high score, then I suppose I could just remove the highscore notifications from within the game.

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  • You COULD use both, but remember webstorage is not permanent, while Kongegate statistics are, but you can't retrieve them.

    You can use Webstorage to keep player personal stats and saved games, while Kongregate statistics can only be used by their website. HTML5 and even flash games saves are not supposed to carry over different computers, that's the way it is

  • OK, so my question is this:

    are Kongregate statistics tied to the player's account (I suppose they are)?

    In that case, if a player is on another computer (or even clears their cache!) the stored statistics will be incogruent with the Kongregate statistics!

    So if the above is true, then does Kongregate itself notify the player if they have beaten their high score?

  • Yes they are tied to player account. They don't tell you when you beat your high score, but there's a high-score table. Just click the achievements tab at the right and then click "Show high-scores"

  • Hmm. So would you suggest removing my webstorage high score features, and going with Kongregate's API alone for the sake of continuity?

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