High Dpi on, quality vs performance on Android/Crosswalk

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  • Ive spend the last week looking for a solution on this problem, searching threads on this forum, but found nothing clear.

    The problem is with Crosswalk for Android.

    When you turn the high dpi display mode to on, you get very good quality and clarity on the whole project, but the fps decreases a lot

    With high dpi off, the quality descreases a lot (all sprites blurry) but you can execute it on a lot of devices with very good fps.

    The mystery for me is when i try it on a phone with a 1280 x 720 screen, the same size of the project, the quality (and performance) varies with dpi on/off. Should not be the pixel scale 1:1 on the same resolution?

    What exaclty does dpi mode?

    Hmin wrote this

    [quote:2lw7s32m]As mentioned by Mayfly, the image would NOT become blurry if the high DPI is turned on by Contruct2. That is true because, on a high dpi device, the display density is always greater than 1, for example, it is 2.0 on Google Nexus 7, and so window.devicePixelRatio in Crosswalk engine is also set to 2.0. The value of window.devicePixelRatio will be used to draw canvas by C2 runtime if high dpi mode is turned on, to get a more sharp image. In case of high dpi mode is turned off, C2 runtime tries to draw the canvas with the default value 1.0 on a high-dpi screen, as a result, the final image output becomes blurry since the pixels drawn by C2 runtime would be hard-scaled to fit the high-dpi screen dimension.

    The solution for Crosswalk is simple, you can pass --force-device-scale-factor=1.0 command line option to Crosswalk engine in assets/xwalk-command-line. Note the command line file is supported from Crosswalk 6.

    This means that with dpi off renders at half resolution and then fills the screen, and with dpi on renders at native resolution of the device? Why a project with the same resolution of the device the quality change with dpi on/off?

    Anyone tried --force-device-scale-factor=1.0 instead of high dpi on c2? I dont know how to add that command on intel xdk.

    I tested near 50 builds with a lot of combinations, fullscreen quality, downscale, sampling, etc... but cant find a solution.

    The project with dpi off appears to be very unproffesional because of the blurry sprites.

    Are there any other way to get clear and quality without dpi on?

    Thanks for your help!

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