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  • Hi, I have this suggestion for the next release, what about "grouping" the conditions in an "OR-BLOCK", for example:

    I have one conditions that checks a value and I added a "trigger once" limiter...

    "if GlobalVariable = "0"/ trigger once >>>>>> do the action."

    But I want the same action with a mouse click, and if I convert it to a "Or block" I get:

    "if GlobalVariable = "0" -OR- "On Click" -OR- "trigger once" >>> the action loop because of the true-condition of the variable, and the trigger once becomes useless.

    For a simple event it's easy to "duplicate" the condition for the Value and the Mouse, but I have 3 or 4 level nested events, and more than 4 conditions that triggers that event, and if I later want to edit the Action, I will have to edit each one of them.. which may lead to errors.

    what I'm suggesting is something like:

    "if GlobalVariable = "0" / trigger once -OR- On Click -OR- .......>>>>>

    like an "AND" function as one parameter for an "OR" function

  • I'm not sure I get it, but you can easily achieve it with sub-events (S shortkey).

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  • Do you mean:

    condition & condition


    condition & condition

    Because I would like that also.

    glerikud sub-events don't always work for this. I've run into this problem myself, and it can be frustrating to work around.

    I think I actually brought this up before..

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