Hi, I am new here and have decided to use Construc

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  • Just bought my license and wanted to say hi!

    I will probably be asking for help from time to time but I'd just like to say; what an excellent community - every question I have wanted to know the answer to has already been answered well and comprehensively :).

    I am part of a two man team - I am the geek who likes the code and I work with an excellent artist. We're working on a 'yet to be named platformer' and can't wait to get it finished!

    OK, so I just wanted to see if there are any users here have tried all the other "none coding" game packages and have similar experiences to me. This is what I have found:

    Multimedia Fusion 2: Originally I thought I was going to use this but it seems old, (relatively) expensive and all the exporters seem to have big restrictions and I really want to get this game on IOS and Android.

    Gamesalad: Tried it, made a game in it and it just seemed bad. I tried to make a complex game and it was impossible to keep track of what I was doing. Might be ok for simple games but really difficult to make something actually good.

    Stencyl: Probably will also use this program to make shorter flash versions of the games we make. Really like it but is definitely harder to use than Construct 2 and I have yet to see a quality game made in it.

    Gamemaker: I only tried the older versions of this and just never got anywhere on it. However, the new version looks like it has promise - anyone used it yet?

    And finally Construct 2: Originally I thought this was HTML 5 exclusively and didn't know about Phone Gap (if thats what its called), and now the developers are integrating IOS and Android I have taken it seriously. After a few days and I would safely say it feels like MMF3, same premise as MMF2 but without all the old junk in there and some great features, I couldn't believe it when I went through the demo files and saw the particle effects.

  • Welcome! I am sure you will find the software well ahead of the competition.

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  • I've been using Construct for a couple of years now and I can only agree with your sentiment. I came from MMF2 and already by then, it was stagnating.

    I don't know why Construct hasn't become the de facto tool for non-programmers yet. I think we as a community are doing a poor job of promoting this fantastic tool... So go make awesome games and drop the name wherever you go :D


  • Welcome here! You'll enjoy working with this gem.

  • Thanks for the welcome!

    Yes, Construct 2 does seem very advanced comparatively and I am impressed how quickly things can be developed.

    I was just wondering, is there anyone here who is a proficient programmer who uses Construct despite this? Also, are there any restrictions (in the 2D realm) that can't be achieved with the software? (would be useful for us noobs to know so we don't start any projects that might not be appropriate).

    Hopefully I can work out some stuff and help out in the community too :)

  • The general moto is that any 2D game can be achieved with C2.

    Of course, some games/technics will require a good number of events, and can't just be done only by throwing plugins and/or behaviors and just mere configuration.

    Nevertheless, so far, there isn't any restriction as what to do with C2.

    The "limitation" is the target for your game.

    If you plan to release for mobiles, you'll have to use less sprites/make sure they're not too big, etc... compared to desktop computers' hardware that can pretty much handle any type of game.

  • Cheers for that,

    I read a good post of yours linking forum posts to other users tutorials. Do you have any other posts linking to complex behaviors? I have already learned so fast from all the helpful Construct users uploads, which I am very grateful.

  • Most of the limitations you will find are caused by HTML5 issues. C2 is awesome in working around these, however.

  • I hope to make it bug in this awesome community one day with a great video game one day like most of you guys :3

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