Hi, I am a human who doesn't know how to make games

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  • Hi

    I've always wanted to make a game and tonight I set out to do so.I wanna make some small games and then move onto Flamecleaver, my dream game.I have no experience on how this thing works so if I could give you one mission it's tell me stuff on how to make games.flamecleaver has been an idea for years and I want to make it a reality so the sooner I learn the sooner I can practice and that will eventually lead to me having what it takes to make my game a reality.so yeah tell me stuff and I'll be happy!

  • Don't start with your dream idea.

    Play around with construct 2 and make the games you want to make, human.

  • first make a thing (text sprite button etc). then goto events. click the buttons to make said thing do stuff. rinse. repeat.

  • bost

    Start with this https://www.scirra.com/tutorials/253/ho ... tform-game

    It should give you a general idea how it works.

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  • It will take you at least a month or so, until you learn and get used to construct, I suggest you start by reading the manual.

    After that you can check Ashley's tutorial on how to make basic games, each game has different approach. If you can make a platform game that does not mean you can make a top down game also.

    Lots of practice and reading manual, tutorials will help you achieving your goal, and it wont happen over night .

  • I suggest you start by reading the manual.

    Reading the manual is a good advice, however I think you would be better off starting a project based on tutorials and consulting the manual when needed instead of reading it through first (you won't remember half of it).

  • Also importantly here is to set yourself small goals, which will help you achieve your dream in future, for example:

    Create a project where you can control things with mouse/keys/touch. Throwing balls, dragging items. Work out how to create an inventory system, and use dictionaries and arrays to store information and retrieve it.

    Play around with the tilemap and other different types of objects, to learn what they do and how they work. See project examples given with Construct.

    Get to know the behaviour plugins, they will save your life many times (such as the pin to behaviour, wrap around, physics and everything)

    Overall getting to know construct will save you thousands of hours for a large game project.

    And there is always the guys here when you get stuck on something!

    Good luck friend!

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