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  • Can the beta version of C2 run alongside a stable version of C2? I've always avoided betas. But I am curious about the new debugger and profiler, but I don't want to stop working with the stable (lol...) version of C2.

  • Hi wizaerd,

    Afaik, installing a beta will overwrite the version you already have. So unless you have a partition, or you can install on a second machine, it will probably overwrite your stable version.

    Having said that, you could install the beta, and make a copy of your project before opening it. That way you've always got the original to revert to if there are any problems. And if you don't like the new beta, you can just roll back to an older, more stable version.

    Hope that helped.

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  • I usually install every beta, if it breaks my game or something happens I can just revert to an old version since I have it on dropbox.

  • You can install the beta version in different folder, you can have as many different C2 versions installed as you need. Never had any problems with beta versions myself during two years I've used C2, so I'd say that is probably unnecessary hassle. :)

  • Just always be sure to back up regularly. C2's auto backup system should also help if there's a corrupted project (the worst-case scenario and extremely rare).

  • I install every beta regardless. If there is a major problem, then Ashley usually releases a fix the same day.

    As far as I'm concerned, there is no real difference between stable and beta releases, except you get much better functionality with the betas.

    Just always make sure you make a backup before saving with the new version.

  • Since I've got it both regular and on Steam, I tend to keep my Steam version vanilla and the other one (that I actually use regularly) up to date with beta's. So that's a solution, if you've got both.

    That said, I kinda agree with zenox98. Issues with the beta releases are usually resolved pretty darn fast so I never feel the need to not keep C2 up to date. Only exception would be if there's a breaking change in a beta. But you'd have to deal with that once it goes stable anyway. So that point is kinda moot by default.

  • This just answered a question I was about to post. Many thanks to wizaerd for asking and the rest of you for answering. Being that I'm a newbie, I've opted to stick with stable versions for now but, like you wizaerd, I am also curious about the betas ;)

    *edited to correct a typo

  • divaweb - I've actually look experimenting with the betas. I recently discovered C2 will install & run on a flash drive, so I download the beta, backup my project, then try it in the beta. If nothing breaks immediately, I keep using it until something either does break, or a new version is released. It's been fairly successful thus far.

  • Thank you, wizaerd :) Your tip is much appreciated and I'm very happy it's working for you! I think I'll give it a try.

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