HELPME!-Can you use the microphone in construct 2?

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  • Hello, my question is this.

    Is there any plugin that option to interact with the microphone?

    I would like to perform for example, actions like this:

    The player should blow into the microphone, this recognition of the blow, and it happened in an action game.

    Is there any plugin?

    How do you install a plugin?

    I have the free edition version r120.

  • What's your target platform? The HTML5 navigator.getUserMedia() API exposes access to the microphone, but support is currently very patchy (I think limited to Chrome only under Win, not sure about mobile platforms)

  • The platform that is intended application is for Google Chrome.

    If possible I said, as I install the plugin, and what?

  • Helpme please!!

  • Could someone answer me?

    The application is designed for Google Chrome.

    What I look for is a plugin that use the microphone.

    For example, the user blows into the microphone, and do any action.

    If there is a plugin so, can you tell me where I download and how to install?

    I have the free version 120 of construct 2.

  • I don't think there's such a plugin existing atm.

    I'm not even sure there's any library or support in browser to allow you to detect and use the microphone as an input source (produce a sound in the microphone to trigger an action in game) at the moment.

    You may want to try and use Construct2's SDK to make one.

    Please don't bump/be impatient.

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    Bumping is tolerated every 24 hours, not every 24 minutes.

  • The getusermedia API is your friend:

    It is afaik only supported by Chrome, Safari and Android Browsers atm. Implementation isn't really that hard if you know some js. If I would have time to study the Construct 2 SDK docs I could implement it. Maybe the next week...

  • I just hacked together a C2 plugin that exposes access to the microphone based on the approach used at

    It works, but it's currently completely unusable in a production environment:

    For starters, it only works in the dev build of Google Canary and, even then, you first have to manually configure the Web Audio Input setting via chrome://flags/ (you also have to manually accept access to the microphone when prompted when the page loads). And, because it's running in Canary, it crashes every 30 secs or so.

    So, technically possible? Yes. Usable? No.

    I'd wait a year or so and see what the adoption of getUserMedia is like then.

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  • Can't we use a third party recorder and then save it as an audio files and then properly sync it with what ever you needed it to. I believe that what i did when i still have Liveswif animation program

  • amariscal

    I am using the following plugin:

    Developed by Pode.

    It works with "Flash".

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