help?improper usage or bug?

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  • Yes i created two event situation one sprite solid behavior(the platform)

    sprite2 platform behavior(ball shaped sprite sits on platform)

    sprite3 platform behavior

    just two events...event number one

    sprite2 Platform on Jump System Create Object Sprite3 on layer 0 etc.

    just testing that one event sprite2 jumps and moves on platform as should...each jump sprite 3 in created and falls to platform as should

    adding the second event is where i fail...second event is creating button

    adding the same information as first event...

    run...sprite jumps and generates sprite3 every time it jumps

    then i press button and sprite is generated the same way as event one

    but when i go to jump again...sprite is frozen in place and will not move or jump .... button event still works generating the sprite...

    I'm sure im missin the big picture....any explanation would be appreciated.

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  • It would help a lot if you posted a project file for us to look at - it's always easier to figure out what's wrong if we can see it.

    Dropbox is a good way to host your files if you need a way to upload.

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