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  • Hi mobile devs,

    As we know C2 apps have some restrictions regarding mobile apps. We cannot build very complex apps because of mobile performace. However there is still a variety of actions we can do to make the app work pretty decent.

    * First thing is to optimize our app. We can optimize our game to be less memory consuming, CPU consuming etc. This topic has been covered many times.

    * Now if we couldn't resist our fantasy, and we've built some "heavy" app which we want to publish as an Android app we can target the app for particular group of devices - strong devices. In this way we obviously lose some potential customers, but at least we are sure that those who have the app will have fun, and we won't get bad ratings and comments like "it laags!", "it is so slow!" etc.

    Now I'm wondering how many helpful info can we find in the Internet to do the valid targeting. We can limit our app to be able for download only for the particular Android version (and up). The percentage use of various android versions can be found here: ... index.html

    Right now KitKat takes around one third of all Android devices. That's a good news, because KitKat's devices are already pretty strong and usually have at least 1GB of RAM.

    Does anyone know any other sites which would help setting app targeting? For instance does anyone know if there is any info in the Internet regarding which is the weakest device with KitKat/Lolipop etc?

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