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  • Hello All,

    So i somehow bumped into this program on steam today. It seemed very interesting and spend a couple of hours doing bit of research as to what it was and exactly what can you do with it. I downloaded the free version and played around with it for a bit and i'm eager to purchase the full version. I had a few questions and hopefully you guys can either direct me in the right direction to make my final decision. I've seen that you can create simple 2D games, what are the limitation to this program? I assume there is something that limits the creativity compare to a native game. Also i seen that you can export to Android, cocoonjs is used to compile the games into android after being developed in construct? Also, aside from games can you create android apps? Like for example something as easy as a tip calculator. If so, how would you create buttons and the algorithm to calculate?

    Thanks in advance

    edit: I know i said i spend a couple of hours researching but i feel like i've only touched the basics or scratched the surface.

  • what took me like a month in AS3/Lua/etc took me a day in SC2

    It's easy, try it.

    You can do a calculator using the free version. Try the examples included in the free version.

    Try the Ghost Rain (included too)

  • The free version is enough for your first month of discovering C2, at least. You won't have that time though if you plan on the steam sales.

    You can do whatever you want on C2, but it's optimized for games, not apps, meaning it will be more intuitive to make a game than a calculator. It's won't be hard or impossible to go for a calculator though, just less intuitive.

    The "limitations" are that C2 is made of javascript, and all exporters will use JS to run your game, making it a little slower than a native app on Android for example (not that much though, but you know how that works). On the other side, what you develop can directly be exported to multiple supports with very little efforts.

    And I'm all with California's first remark : any prototype is about 1 hour work in C2, where it could be 2 to 3 days in jQuery, PHP, ...

  • You certainly can make apps with C2, I'm in the middle of my app for android and it's fairly easy to get to grips with. I would recommend buying it now while it's on sale or you'll regret it later. :)


  • Check Super Ubie Land, it's made on SC2

  • Yeah I'm using Construct 2 on the side for more visual apps too. I still prefer just HTML5+JS for simple stuff though. Depends on the app.

    What sort of games would you like to make? If you give some examples I can tell you whether they're possible :D

  • Well, I don't really have an idea yet, as i'm still learning this whole concept of construct. I know Java , but i was looking at other alternatives to make silly games without programming so much and construct seems really good for that. How good and reliable is the port to android after you are done with the project, is it easy and smooth? I noticed that cocoonjs seems to be free for now, but will this ever become a paying issue?

  • Mobile performance isn't the greatest at the moment (CocoonJS webGL may have helped) so you need to be testing on Android right at the start.

    However, you can't beat C2 for rapid programming - and it's certainly not limited to small games! Check out Mortar Melon, Super Ubie Land, and Angvik to see some released (Or soon-to-be released) games.

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  • Manik

    it will be the best investment you have ever made <img src="smileys/smiley1.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

    Seriously if you like the thought of making your own game you wont find anything better.

  • Limiting C2 to minigames and simple apps is an misurstanding a lot of persons do !

    For Desktop performance and with the node-webkit , C2 is as powerful as a native application ... and is able to make huge games run as smooth as a knife in butter !

    See Angvik and Super Ubie Land for some proofs of concept !

  • I'm in the same boat. Played around with C2 for a week or so and purchased the steam sale version yesterday. This is really a nice product. It is very simple to use once you get the jist of it.

    I was going to wait on buying it and use the free version, but the 50% off on steam was to much to pass up <img src="smileys/smiley2.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

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