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  • I've created a Construct 2 Wikipedia article:

    If anyone is able to contribute by adding more information and help turn it into a great Wikipedia article, your help would be greatly appreciated!

  • I'm slightly surprised that anyone is allowed to edit this. Call me paranoid (and I am) but what's to stop a competitor putting something nasty on there? I know IP's are logged, but still.

    Than again, 'benefit of the doubt', and all that :/


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  • You should be careful not to write it like an advert, Wikipedians don't like that.

    Fanboys from other tools do occasionally come along and junk up articles like this, but what can you do? Just edit it back.

  • Added some more info, but Wikipedia seems to think its an ad. If anyone knows how to rewrite stuff so it wont be that way, please do so :)

  • To make it less add like, you should remove any references to money:

    yet must be purchased if you are an individual (or team) who has made over $5,000 from using Construct 2.

    need to add content on what makes Construct about HTML5, talk about system requirements, talk about plans for future builds, talk about that it is a work in progress and current status, describe the event system. Should sound like a historian wrote it.

    Edit: See game editor for an example...

    Game Editor Wiki

  • You should also add outter source, like articles on gamasutra or TIGsource that refers/talk about C2.

    I noticed some articles like "CC vs GM", but C2 is only mentionned generaly as "a project to come".

    It hasn't been media covered enough yet to be used as constructive reference in a wikipedia article.

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