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  • I'm not sure whether to write it here, so if this thread fits more elsewhere, please move it.

    So, this is the first time I use Spriter along with Construct 2, after I drag and drop the scml into C2 I was surprised to see that not all sprites are loaded. Please look at these two images



    So, in my Spriter there are a series of "walking" sprites and "damaged" sprite, but in construct 2 it only have the "battle" series of sprites. I put the sprites in the correct folder in Spriter project folder, so it should come up. Anyone can help?

    Also, I make more than one entity in one spriter project but in C2, it only reads one entity, do I have to create separate spriter project for each character / entity?


  • Hi Daggio

    If the png images are combined into a single object in Spriter, they will be combined into a single sprite object in C2. If you open the combined sprite object in C2, you'll see they are each their own frame of the animation. So open the Argus_battleBody sprite in C2 and you'll see two frames, one for the damaged and one regular.

    C2 handles the entities correctly, but you have to set them for each instance of the object. So if you have a single *.scon/scml with with two entities, you will only import the object once. Then you place two of the spriter objects and in the object properties, (or using events) set the entity / animation for each.

    You can set the entity in the layout editor using the spriter object's properties here:

    <img src="http://i.imgur.com/UxJf0re.png" border="0" />

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  • Hi Scavengrove ,

    You're right, after I checked the sprite, all other sprites for other animations are there. I didn't realize it.

    I don't know what I did wrong, but the entity didn't change to the one I want. I already set the scml file property to scon ( Argus.scon ) and named the starting entity as the other entity that I want it to start with, but the object didn't change entity.

    However, the animation did change. Because they have different animation with same name (one of them slashes, the other punches, but animation name are the same). It just didn't change sprites to the one associated with punching animation. Any help?


  • using action, I changed the sprites' frame to the frame of the character associated with another entity, I thought this might work but this also didn't change the sprite.

    Now I'm starting to doubt Spriter, it doesn't do what I wanted it to do, maybe I just export to png and use it like a normal sprite object


    actually, doing something like this solves the problem:


  • Daggio - There was a bug in the previous C2 plugin that was preventing Spriter objects from swapping frames. It has since been fixed, so make sure you delete the old plugin from your C2 folder and get the newest from the first post: scirra.com/forum/spriter-c2-plugin-update-11-28-2013_topic59694.html

    Remember that Spriter is still in beta and the most recent releases (B5_9x) are going to have a few bugs. I think we will probably see Construct 2's import process updated soon, as well as the full B6 release. This will take a lot of the headache away (in terms of scml+scon and frequent new versions.)

  • I already downloaded the latest plugin, no changes, the problem is still there

  • you should check the end of this thread...http://www.scirra.com/forum/spriter-c2-plugin-update-11-28-2013_topic59694_post480717.html#480717

    You shouldn't need to do so many adjustments. Maybe try uninstalling spriter, then re-downloading and installing it from this thread over at the spriter forums... http://www.brashmonkey.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=14534

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