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  • I am building a flashcard kind of application and I have a need to store and Read the user created flashcards (both text and images) onto his Google drive / dropbox storage that the user specifies...I have searched through lot of forums but I couldnt get help in this regard...Some pointers that I found were Pode's plugin to read a file/save to a file etc., but they are all saving/reading from the hard-drive...I am not able to understand how we can create a Json file or some file on click of a button inside the game, and store / Read those on the google drive along with the images...Is this at all possible using C2?

    Please help! with any ideas / suggestions...Thank you

  • Take the google drive sdk and make your own plugin for that. Should be no big problem ;) It�s the same if you make a plugin for construct 2 and use jQuerry or any different framework.

    Already looked into the google drive sdk, looks pretty easy.

  • Thank you. I will definitely take a look at this. But does this help in reading the file retrieved from google drive inside construct2? What is/are the commands inside C2, that I should be using to access Google drive..? Probably a look at the SDK might help to answer these questions...I am not very well versed with coding other than using C2...In case you have done something / can provide an example, it will be highly helpful. Thank you.

  • I think such a plug-in might be highly useful to retreive and save games to the cloud storage as well! Does any one know if such a plugin already exists? Thank you...

  • Right now the easiest solution is to use

  • Hi Tumira, Can I use for reading and writing files & images as well?

  • Such a plugin actually doesn?t exist (I think), It would be great if you make one, I think it will be easy ;)

  • I wish I could...Unfortunately I don't know coding outside Construct2...

  • There's a dropbox plugin here. Is that any use to you?

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  • Base64 conversion will take images and convert them to a string format to store. And keep in mind that it's not the FILE you need to store. it's the content.

  • Thank you ramones and jayderyu. This looks to be very helpful.

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