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  • Hey guys, how are you?

    I'm new with constructor 2 and I?ve plans for a game, but I want to make a prototype first, then I can try to find an investor, and buy the standard license.

    I'm trying to make a game where you can control up to 4 characters at same time. To do this, you should select one, and give him an action and the same for others.

    I can move then with mouse, and they already have their own life bars, and such things.

    Since I don?t have the standard edition, I can?t use the family?s objects.

    Then I?m using the same player object for each character. But I?m having some problems with animations, the life bar and movement speed

    • I was able to change the animations from idle to running, but I can?t change back do idle.
    • I can't show life bars for everyone.
    • I can't achieve a realist movement speed.

    Could someone look at my capx and give me some help to solve this? I think I?m having problem with those objects with the same name. I don?t know.

  • I think what you want to do can be achieved, but if I were doing it, I'd get one player doing exactly what I want before I'd try to add in the others.

    When I ran your example, it switched back to the idle animation everytime the characters returned close to their starting point, which is what your events seems to be telling it to do.

    To handle multiple lifebars I added a sprite called lifeline with a pin behavior and had each player spawn one, and then in turn the lifeline spawned the frame and lifebar. Of course you would set the lifeline to invisible for actual game.


    As far as the speed, what kind of game is this supposed to be? Is there a reason you can't use one of the standard behaviors, like 8 way or platform to control the current player? (You would disable the behavior on the other players and only enable it on the current player.) For making a prototype that would go much faster than trying to create a custom movement. You can make it look a little cooler by creating custom camera movement using some lerping with scrolling rather than having the lerping in the movement.

    I assume that you've read Ashley's ghost shooter tutorial which is the starting place for understanding C2. It uses the 8-way behavior.

    If your game is a variation of a platformer, have you read velojet's tutorial

    Building a platform game - a beginner's guide? I learned a lot from that.

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  • kittiewan

    Many thanks for the answers.

    Everything I did was for 1 player. When I tried to add another player, the things become weird... :P

    The movement I never get working like I wanted, but this was the less important.

    I've read a lot of tutorials. And I took what I could from each one, to make my own... =)

    I want to achieve something like

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    . It?s something like an action RPG. But I want to each character has their own movement speed, so a high knight with all his armor would walk more slow. And an archer would walk faster.

    I?m using the 8-way behavior, but I?m moving the characters with mouse. So maybe I should need another approach to achieve my result.

    When I?m home, I will check the capx you provide me, and see what i was doing wrong.

    Thank you =)

  • You're welcome.

    That is a great game. I tried unsuccessfully to find an article I read on the creation of Zombieville USA. Pretty interesting the way they did it. Basically used 2D graphics on skinned 3D mesh divided into bodyparts and animated in Maya. You can find more about it in the forum if you search for mikamobile and zombieville.

    If you plan to target mobile devices you might consider switching from mouse to touch as your input, but setting use mouse input to yes so that you can still test with the mouse.

    I switched the conditions for mirror because it seemed to me the characters were looking away from direction of travel. Old way is still there, but disabled.

    I also played around a little with the animation speed. If you have already downloaded the capx you might want to download again to see those changes. Basically all I did was create two new instance variables and assign animations speeds to each animation, and set them when the animations are changed.

  • kittiewan

    I already checked how they did this game with Unity.

    I'm already a user of Unity 3D, but mainly for 3D projects.

    I'm looking for an Engine to work with 2D games, and that?s why I'm trying Contructor 2. =)

    I will check the capx, when I?m home, cause right know I'm still at job.

    My target for this prototype it?s web, I will try to sell this as a learn platform for kids.

    Many thanks again, for the help. Soon I check what I was doing wrong; I came here to talk about. ;)

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